Funding Sources and International Donor List

International Funding Sources/Donor Support for IWCC programmes and activities are:-

  • (i) HAF fund of KWASACA World Bank project in Nigeria (2006/2007) - HAF Funds I on HIV/AIDS by Kwara State action committee on HIV/AIDS to promote and replicate Home-Based Care activities in Kwara State, Nigeria.
  • (ii) Global Fund for Women U.S.A 1999 to 2009. GFW-Advocacy on Girls child education in schools.
  • (iii) AJWS N.S.A (2003/2008).
  • (iv) ADFW (2005 and 2009) Africa development funds for Women (ACCRA).
  • (v) USAID/OTI (Cresnet conflict program Abuja (1999/2001).
  • (vi) Self help Abuja U.S Embassy in Nigeria (2000/2001).
  • (vii) CLFID Canadian Embassy funds in Nigeria (2003/2004).
  • (viii) Huairou Commission Small Grant WILLA project NY (2005/2007).
  • (ix) Rainbow, USA (2001) on Female Genital Mutilations.
  • (x) WILLA projects of core and Huairou Commission on women's Land Right.
  • (xi) Initiative for paralegal Training and community mapping of need dissesnents of Women.
  • (xii) GFW 2007 funds to promote and interpret CEDAW in to Local Languages and domestication CEDAW in Nigeria.
  • AIDS Patient

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    Address of IWCC: IWCC House, 4 Oko Erin Road (Beside Winners Yoghurt Office), Ibrahim Taiwo Road, P.O.Box 1750, Ilorin.Kwara State, Nigeria.

  • Phone: 31-225688 or (803) 714-8268; Hotline: 31-225305 or (806) 438-8378
  • E-mail: