Recent Event - An Award for the Executive Director

April 2012 - Hajia Limota Goroso Giwa was honoured with a fellowship award by the Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria.

BACKGROUND: The Institute of Corporate Administration is a human capital development organization dedicated to providing practical solutions to complex business needs by involving high calibre professionals from all sectors of the Nigerian community, who are continually committed to the search for improvement strategies and implementation of global best practices towards the growth of human development.

This organization and its affiliates and network members include:

  • Institute of Development and Policy Analysis
  • Institute of Industrial Administration
  • Center for Management and Development (CMD)
  • Industrial Training Fund (ITF)
  • Center for Advocacy against Corrupt Practices (CACORP)
  • Nigerian Institute for Management
  • Council for International Development
  • The British Council
  • Citizenship and Leadership Training Center (Office of the Nigerian President)
  • Federal and State Ministries.
  • Director's Award Picture

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    Address of IWCC: IWCC House, 4 Oko Erin Road (Beside Winners Yoghurt Office), Ibrahim Taiwo Road, P.O.Box 1750, Ilorin.Kwara State, Nigeria.

  • Phone: 31-225688 or (803) 714-8268; Hotline: 31-225305 or (806) 438-8378
  • E-mail: